If you’re interested in continuing the conversation in community with others, here’s a few options…

about life & spirituality

The purpose of campus conversations is to provide students with space where they can interact with one another about issues of life and spirituality. It’s also a place for students to safely ask difficult questions, get honest answers, and figure out what they believe without fear of rejection, regardless of what conclusions they might come to.

Currently, campus conversations meets at the Delaware College of Art & Design and the University of Delaware. For more information about the DCAD meeting click here; for information about the UD meeting click here.

Past topics include: What’s wrong with the world? How is the world made right? Why do we all seem to believe humans are flawed? How do we know anything? Can we know God? How we we become more compassionate people? This is just a sampling! Come with your questions, thoughts, and opinions.

No matter where you’re coming from, feel free to participate and interact. You can say as little as you want. You will not be forced to participate. We’ve had people just come and listen in on the conversations.


There are few places in society where we can come together for reflection and thoughtful conversation on the issues of our day. Friday Night Forum is an effort to fill that void. FNF is held approximately every other month throughout the year on Friday evenings at the Barnes & Noble in North Wilmington (4801 Concord Pike). The purpose is to offer engaging presentations and discussions on current cultrual topics, covering everything from music, movies, and TV shows to human dignity and issues of social justice.

Each forum begins with a guest speaker who dialogue by offering reflections on the topic for the night. Though the presentation is delivered from a Christian perspective, the approach is respectful and tolerant, not coercive. Each presentation is approximately 45 minutes and is followed by a question and answer time.

Past forums include: William Wilberforce: Agent of Social Transformation; The Stories We Live By: An Exploration into the TV Show LOST; Orphan Care: Pursuing Justice for the World’s Most Vulnerable; Relationships: Connecting “Out of the Box.” To hear audio from any of these, click here.

The belief behind Friday Night Forum is that Christianity is the true way of looking at the world, and therefore has something meaningful to contribute to every aspect of life. For information about future forums check out this blog or visit Faith Presbyterian Church’s website. Join us for coffee and public discourse!


The rationale behind doing film discussions is to think about the movies that impact us and investigate both the statements they make and the influences that make them effective (style and content). Our goal is to consider the view of the world that the films present us with and talk about how that view intersects with our own personal views. Film discussions are usually held every month and the location changes around the Wilmington area depending on the host. They typically take place on Saturday evenings, and begin around 7:00 pm. The discussion after the film lasts as long as people are willing to talk!

Past film discussions: Everything Is Illuminated, Crash, The Village, Stranger Than Fiction, Garden State, and Rent, The Namesake, and The Darjeeling Limited.

For more information about the next film discussion stay tuned into this blog.