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Season 4 is now in the books with only two seasons to go. I don’t know about you, but I was on edge for the entire finale. Once we got to the halfway point I couldn’t believe that we still had another hour remaining. I must say though that the second hour seemed to be filled with lots of long commercials.

The episode began where last season left off, with post-island Jack and Katie meeting outside of an airport. Season 4 comes full circle with this scene as the flash forwards had been working up to this moment all season fleshing out the details of how Jack and Kate got to this point. The episode concludes with the revelation of who was in the coffin from last season. Did you even think Locke was a possiblity? I certainly didn’t. Locke is now known as Jeremy Bentham, the same name of the 19th-century utilitarian philosopher. I’ll let you do the online research to find out more about the Jeremy Bentham from history, but there’s surely something significant about going from one philospher name (John Locke) to another. Does this mean Locke’s character will undergo some kind of change? Why was he going by a new name in the first place? Was it to protect himself from Widmore or someone else seeking information about the island? Whoever killed Locke/Bentham and made it look like a suicide could be associated with the same man whom Sayid killed for spying outside of Hurley’s mental institute. Any theories? How will they get Bentham’s body back to the island? I’m sure this will be a compelling storyline moving forward.

I don’t know that this was my favorite season finale (I’d have to think about it more) but it was the most intense I think. I can’t believe Ben killed Keamy, causing the C4 to explode on the frieghter. Wasn’t it creepy when Christian Shephard appared to Michael, told him he could now go, and then Michael along with the freighter exploded? How awful was it for Sun to watch her husband blown to pieces? Or was he? Do you think Jin is dead? I don’t. I I don’t think Sun does either. At the very least she’s holding on to hope that he’s still alive. Maybe this is why she’s using her new power and position off the island to play Widmore and try to discover the location of the island. How about Sawyer jumping from the helicopter so the others on board could find rescue? Sawyer’s become a fairly nice guy, hasn’t he? You gotta love his one-liners and nicknames. My favorite from this episode was when he called Lapedius (the pilot) Kenny Rodgers. Now we know why Ben was wearing a winter coat when he time traveled to the Saharan desert; apparently Antarctica is below the island! I thought this scene was very cool as it was obviously an allusion to C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Ben climbs down the ladder where it is ‘winter’ and what do we see? A lampost. Ben proceeds to break the ice off a big wheel which he then turns. What happens? I have absolutely no idea. What do you think happened? Lapedius certainly didn’t have a clue as he got the best view from the pilot’s seat in the helicopter. We know the goal was to move the island, but who knows what that means for sure? I don’t think it moved to a different physical location as much as it disappeared and returned (will return) in a different time period. Click here for some good articles about how science is rightly used in LOST.

One thing I really enjoyed about this episode was the way it incorporated aspects from previous season finale’s. When the Oceanic 6 see the light coming towards them from Penny’s boat it reminded me of the season 1 finale when Sawyer, Jin, Michael and Walt see light from the Others boat coming towards them. As the Oceanic 6 are rescued, we meet the Portugese men working for Penny who were introduced to us in the final scene of the season 2 finale. And as already mentioned, this episode began where season 3 left off. Speaking of the Oceanic 6 rescue, I didn’t even think about the possibility of Penny being the one to rescue them. I wasn’t expecting the Desmond and Penny reunion to happen this season. Next season should be interesting keeping in mind that Ben is on a mission to get even with Widmore by killing his daughter Penny. As for Walt, it was good to see him again. Wow, the kid’s really growing up, isn’t he? I appreciated the Jack vs. Locke, science vs. faith dimension making an appearance in the conversation about Jack leaving the island. There’s much more we could talk about from this episode, but believe it or not I do have a life apart from LOST.

I give the season finale a very favorable grade. It was captivating, provided some resolution, and in good LOST fashion left us with many questions. What did Miles mean when he insinuated that Charlotte had been to the island before? I thought this was a possibility (read my previous post here). How will the Oceanic 6 make it back (along with the dead body of Locke/Bentham)? What are the bad things that happened once Jack left the island? Where is the island now and what’s going on there? What’s so awesome about LOST is that it’s like a novel because the producers take the time to tell a quality story. The only downside for us is that we can’t go on and read the next chapter when we want. In fact, we have to wait eight months in this case.

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The season finale of LOST is upon us. Party at my house. Come watch it!

Good, but not great episode. This was one of those necessary episdoes that was clearly setting the stage for the two hour season finale on May 29th. The characters were all being positioned for what should prove to be a dramatic and entertaining conclusion to season four. At this point, I can’t imagine how the Oceanic 6 are brought together for their exit from the island. As it stands now they are mostly separated from one another which is why it should be fun to see how they are joined together and rescued from the island. My guess is that Lapedius (the pilot) is responsible for getting them off the island via his helicopter. Why are the other survivors left behind? Why are the Oceanic 6 the one’s who get the ticket off the island?

I loved the scene between Jack and Claire’s mother at Christian Shepherd’s funeral (screen cap above). I wasn’t expecting Jack to learn this season that he’s related to Claire. Even when it was clear to me that the woman who approached Jack was Claire’s mother, I didn’t think the connection would be made for Jack right there on the spot. I figured we the viewers would be left agonizing over how close Jack came to finding out. We now know that Jack telling Katie she’s not related to Aaron in a flashforward from a few weeks ago was not simply a creative use of irony, but rather Jack using the fact that he is related to Aaron against Kate. At least we got some resolution.  

Why the lies from the Oceanic 6 about what really happened? I’m not so sure they’re being paid to lie by Oceanic. Yes, Oceanic has paid each of them off for the crash itself, but I’m wondering if the lies have been devised by the “6” themselves. What are they hiding? The island itself, so that no one else will try to find it? Have they been threatened by Ben or Widmore? The freighter’s a goner. I’m sure it will explode in the finale. The question is who, if anyone, will on board when it does? Maybe that’s how Jin dies, if he’s actually dead in the first place. They wouldn’t kill Desmond, would they? One of the featured storyline’s in the finale will obviously be Locke’s attempt to move the island. My guess is the episode will conclude with Locke pulling the feat off. What will this mean? Will it do something to time? Will it have catastrophic results for those still on the island?

Before the season began, the producers promised that the identity of the person in the coffin from last season’s finale would be revealed this season. They’ve made it known that this will happen in the final episode. Who do you think it is?

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This counts as one of those LOST episodes that we’ll look back on at some point in the future and talk about how crucial it was for shedding light on the mythology underpinning the show. Locke-centric episodes often seem to be this way. Where to begin? There’s so much to talk about. Let’s start from the beginning. How many of you guessed it was Locke’s biological mother we were watching in the opening scene? I had a strong feeling. Did you know that a year ago the same week we watched an episode in which another mother named Emily gave birth prematurely? Do you remember who it was she gave birth to? Yup, Ben Linus. Are we to believe that Ben and Locke are brothers? At the very least, they are presented to us in a parallel fashion. We are clearly supposed to take notice of the similarities. I wonder if Locke was originally the ‘chosen one’ but wasn’t ready as evidenced by his failing the aptitude test given by Richard Alpert (you had to love seeing the ageless wonder again!) Maybe the island, Richard, whomever, moved on and identified Ben as the next savior of the island. Is Locke now coming into his own, displacing Ben as the rightful savior? Or possibly it was always meant to work this way and it’s just now time for Locke to replace Ben. Of course, Ben still might be in charge, working out his plan in a way we can’t see. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time. What are your thoughts?

What’s the deal with Richard? I’m convinced he’s a time traveler himself. In a recent interview the producers shared that time travel is defintely part of the series. They also mentioned that Richard will figure more promintenly into the show as it moves forward. Who exactly is this guy? Why does it appear that he doesn’t age? I’m convinced it’s related to the time travel factor. I’m sure the scene where Richard appears to 5 year old Locke to give him the aptitude test has massive implications for the show. What are we to make of Locke’s drawing of what appeared to be the smoke monster? Coincidence, or does the past, present and future all blend together so he’s already been to the island in a sense? I have no idea what I’m talking about. What about the various items Locke had to choose from in the test? A baseball mit, a vial containing sand, a comic book with the question “What was the secret of the mysterious hidden land” on the cover, a knife, a compass, and a book titled The Book of Laws. Look up The Book of Law on Wikipedia when you get a chance. Why was Richard so ticked when Ben chose the knife? 

The appearance of dead Horace was a tad spooky, especially with that bloody nose. Have you noticed that bloody noses are a regular occurence in this show? Horace seemed to be trapped in a time loop, cutting down the same tree over and over again. The island/Jacob spoke to Locke through Horace in his dream. Does the island incorporate dead folks into its consciousness somehow and then manifest itself through these people on occasion? Why is Christian Shepherd representing Jacob these days? And what in the world is Claire doing with Christian in the cabin? Has Claire been dead all along, since the explosion? I’m beginning to think so. Remember after the explosion someone asks her if she’s okay and she assures them that she is fine? Miles then retorts, “Are you sure about that?” Did he know that she was dead since he has the power to see into the spirt world? Speaking of dead people, we finally saw the freighter doctor go overboard after his throat was slit. This is confirmation that the island is ahead of the freighter in time. I loved Keemy’s line after he killed the Doc: “Does that change anything?” He poses the question to the pilot, implying “Is that enough to now compel you to fly the helicopter?” But it’s so ironic because it changed more than he could know (and more than we even know presently I’m sure). The Doc washing up on shore led those on the shore to find out that the freighter wasn’t there to rescue them. So as the crew on the helicopter returns, the folks on the shore will have their guard up. Fortunately, it looks like the pilot has their good in mind evidenced by him throwing the locator down to them.

Michael Abbadon (how creepy is this guy?) shows up again as the nurse who pushes Locke in his wheelchair after a rebab session. Did anyone else think he was going to push Locke down the stairs? Who is Abbadon anyway? What’s his relationship to Widmore, Richard, Ben, etc? His conversation with Locke was very intriguing. Some think Abbadon is a future version of Walt: He calls Locke “Mr. Locke” echoing Walt, and also worked to get Locke “back into the game” much like Walt did when he rescued him from the body pit last season. Finally, what does it mean that Locke was told to move the island? What are the implications? I get the sense that something cataclysmic will happen in the not to distant future. What do you think?

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I’m a little behind this week so LOST Mondays is being posted on Wednesday. What did you think of last week’s episode? It was clearly setting us up for the final three weeks of the season. We now have a pretty good idea of how Claire gets separated from Aaron. Her father, Christian Shepherd (also Jack’s father, don’t forget!), appears to Claire in the middle of the night and lures her into the jungle without Aaron. What’s up with that? If Christian is one with the island and works for the good of the island (whatever that might mean) why would he separate Claire from Aaron? Any thoughts? In the flashforwards Jack is enjoying life with Kate and Aaron until he visits Hurley in the pysc ward. Hurley tells Jack how Charlie visited him and assures Jack that someone will be visiting him as well. Hurley also informs Jack that he’s not supposed to raise Aaron. This admonition brings to mind season one when the psychic advises Claire not to allow her baby (Aaron) to be raised by anyone other than herself.

It seems rather obvious that Christian is the visitor Hurley promised Jack. Is Christian working for the island to influence Jack to return to the island? We also learn why Jack is in such a sad condition in last season’s finale. The conversation with Hurley and subsequent visits from his Dad all get to be a bit much for Jack who starts drinking heavily and popping medication (sometimes simulatenously, which can’t be good!). Is Jack simply having visions of his Dad or is he really appearing? I believe it’s the latter. Since Christian’s appearances play a major role in Jack’s demise and eventually create within him a desire to return to the island, are we to believe this is the island’s way of attracting him back for some unfinished task? Charlie’s appearances affect Hurley similarly. In this season’s premiere Jack visits Hurley after he’s admitted to the psych ward and Hurley insists that they must go back to the island. This is reminiscent of how Jack tries to convince Kate of the same in last season’s final scene. Jack didn’t always feel this way. The island influenced him through his Dad as it did the same with Hurley through Charlie. Will the same happen with Kate? The other members of the Oceanic Six?

Sawyer has become a guaridan for Claire and Aaron. It’s a side of Sawyer we haven’t yet seen. It makes me wonder if a romantic relationship will emerge between Sawyer and Claire at some point. What do you think Kate was doing for Sawyer that had Jack so curious? My guess is that it had something to do with Sawyer’s daughter, Clementine. Remember her? What did you think about Jack’s comment to Kate about how she’s not even related to Aaron. A careful use of irony on the part of the writers, or do you think Jack learns at some point along the way that he and Claire are related? Did you notice that Jack was reading Alice in Wonderland to Aaron in the scene where he puts him to bed? This wasn’t the first time this story is alluded to in a LOST episode. What are the implications? The previews for next week’s (tomorrow’s) episode look amazing. I’m sure we’re in for a wild ride over the next few weeks. Hang on.

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LOST goes James Bond on us with Ben traveling the world on secret missions. The last few minutes in particular gave the show a different feel of suspense, at least for me. I loved the showdown between Ben and Widmore at the end of the episode. I’m looking forward to how their competition plays out. Who will win? Will Ben find and kill Penelope first, or will Widmore find the island first? Game on. This newly added twist should make things interesting. Can you imagine if Desmond learns of Ben’s ambition. By the way, did we witness Ben time traveling/teleporting throughout this episode? Read this article for more. Towards the beginning of the episode Ben appears in the middle of the Saharan desert dressed for cold weather. Has he just telported? His jacket bears the name of Dr. Halliwax’s, the scientist that has gone by several names in the various Dharma videos.

What do you make of the frieghter doc washing up on shore and someone from the frieghter later in the episode informing the beach camp that everyone is okay? Is the freighter member lying? Or is the island ahead of the freighter in time, and the folks on the island are seeing what happens in the future while the doctor has yet to have his throat slashed on the freighter? Intriguing, huh? Don’t forget Faraday’s line: “When is a relative term.”

We enounter Smokey the monster on sterioids this episode, indicating that Ben witheld the truth (surprise, surprise) from Locke when asked if he knew anything about the monster earlier this season. Where exactly did Ben go and what precisely did he do behind the door with all the hieroglyphics? Did you notice he came back dirty? Based on what happened next it appears that he arranged for Smokey to engulf the soldiers threatening the camp. Is Smokey controlled or is it autonomous? What are your thoughts on Ben and his ability to summon Smokey?

Overall, I was definitely a fan of the first episode back from hiatus. It was intense and set up the storyline for the remaining weeks. It’s funny how I keep thinking I have it all figured out as to how the Oceanic Six will get off the island, and then stuff happens to prove me wrong. I definitely didn’t think Alex would be killed. I really thought Claire was a goner as well. It’s hard to believe she survived the explosion isn’t it? I kind of thought that would serve as the explanation for how she gets separated from Aaron. It makes me wonder if she will die. I mean, if she survives a big explosion, why would they keep her alive only to kill her off some other way? Maybe she’s not separated from Aaron as a result of her death. Maybe he’s kidnapped by Kate or something.

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LOST is back tonight at a new time of 10 pm. The last five episodes this season should be entertaining. I can’t wait to see where this season leaves us. Enjoy!

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You’re telling me you’re working for Benjamin Linus.”

You’ve got to love the irony in those words, knowing that Sayid will also find employment in Ben’s operation in the not too distant future. In disgust over Michael’s alliance with Ben, Sayid turns Michael over to Captain Gault, placing him in a perilous situation. We’ve seen that the captain is easily provoked and tends to overreact, so I’m interested to find out how he’ll respond. Post-island Michael is plagued by guilt over killing Anna Lucia and Libby. Throughout the episode he’s tormented by visions of Libby (not Anna Lucia since she’s not under contract with the show!) and attempts to committ suicide a few times. Are the visions a figment of Michael’s imagination, or are they appearances of the island monster off the island? I thought I heard the whispers when Libby appeared in the freighter scene. Michael’s situation reminds me a little of Jack’s from the season finale of last year. Michael is reluctant, but willing to work for Ben since he views it as an opportunity to redeem himself for what he did on the island. The free will/determinism tension figured prominently into this episode as Tom asked Michael why the gun didn’t go off when he tried to kill himself. There is no doubt that this is the underlying philosophical issue the show is wrestling with. Related to this, it seems to me that Ben is always one step ahead, like he knows what the future holds – at least some of the time.

This episode was a reunion of sorts in that we saw the return of a number of characters – Michael, Walt, Libby, Tom, Minkowski, and Naomi. I was very surpised to see Tom again. I thought he was back from the dead until I figured out what was going on with the time-line. As an aside, we now know why Tom told Katie she’s not his type in an early episode last season! We still don’t know exactly how Michael and Walt were rescued, but we do know Michael is living in secrecy under a new name. I’m growing more convinced that it was Michael in the coffin from the finale last season. The name in the newspaper article that Jack cut out in that episode was one we aren’t familiar with, but this fits with it being Michael since he is living under a new name. Also, at this point it doesn’t appear that Michael is destined to live a very long life! The major question raised by the episode evolves around who is behind the Flight 815 cover-up. Is it Charles Widmore or Ben Linus? A similar question applies to who shot down Danielle and Karl. Did Ben set them up, much like he did Goodwin? Or was it members of the freighter since we do know the pilot took the helicopter on another mission? I don’t have any concrete evidence either way, but I lean towards it being Widmore’s people for some reason. Do you think both Rousseau and Karl are dead? I definitely belive Karl is, but I’m not sure about Danielle. We’ll have to wait and see.

One last thing – was the patient next to Michael in the hospital Alvar Hanso?

There’s a lot to talk about over the next few weeks before LOST resumes on April 24th. There’ll be 5 episodes remaining when it does pick up again.  

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How tricky? The use of flashbacks and flashforwards in the same episode got me. I wasn’t sure what was going on. I will say that I don’t think Jin is dead. I could be wrong, but I’m just not convinced at this point that he’s gone. The date of death on his tombstone was the day of the plane crash, so something funny’s going on here. Could it be that the tombstone was erected as part of the cover up of the real crash, and Jin’s still on the island in the future? The obvious question then would be why do Sun and Hurley play such a convincing role in grieving? I have two possible theories to offer. One is that they know they are being spied on by people who want to know the whereabouts of the island. Remember Hurley’s encounter with Michael Abbadon in the mental hospital? Maybe Hurley and Sun are playing the part to convince those watching that Jin really is dead so they won’t go looking. On top of that, Hurley and Sun genuinely have something to grieve in that Sun is separated from Jin since he is still back on the island. The second theory is related to the first in that maybe the tombstone was erected as part of the cover up, but Sun simply uses the tombstone to remember and think about her husband who is alive on the island. As Sun sits beside the grave, she says she misses Jin so much. This would obviously apply even if he were alive. As she is in labor earlier in the episode she requests that they find her husband and do whatever it takes to get him there (my paraphrase). Either Jin is alive and she wants so badly for him to be present, or she is still in shock (both from her labor and from the fact that Jin is dead and not there). So the first of these theories is tied to a more elaborate conspiracy theory.

I loved the way they re-introduced Michael into the story. I would have been disappointed if he was revealed through an intense cliff hanger at the end of the episode since every LOST fan knew Michael was Ben’s man on the boat. Since we all expected it, I appreciated how he was revealed subtly as the custodian on the freighter (asked to clean up a splattering of blood on the wall no less!). By the way, this freighter is a boat of horrors, replete with bloody walls, roaches, crazy people who have bloody noses, and crazy people who read books upside down and jump overboard to their death. I can’t wait for next week’s episode which will tell the story of what Michael’s been up to since he left with Walt. I’m intrigued by the theory that Ben sent Michael into the past (some have commented that Michael looks different – maybe a little younger). Those who keep careful track of time on LOST say Michael and Walt left in late November, while the freighter has apparently been off the island since mid-December. Some say, and I agree, that this would not be enough time for Michael to position himself to become a custodian on the frieghter. So what do you think, is it possible Ben sent Michael into the past? We already know that travel around the island can play tricks with time if the right coordinates are navigated.

Who exactly are the Oceanic 6? Are we to include Aaron in that number? That’s my guess. What do you think? Who makes your Oceanic 6 list?

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Did you really think we were going to learn the identity of Ben’s man on the freighter during last week’s episode? I must admit I was hopeful for a while. My best guess is that it’s Michael. I have a suspicion that he’ll be re-introduced at the very end of this week’s episode, the episode will leave off there, and we’ll all go crazy for a month or so during the break. Supposedly, we’re also going to learn this week who the last two members of the Oceanic 6 are. Any guesses?

So, Ben reveals that Widmore is the man behind the freighter. Do you believe him? After all, Ben lies and manipulates people constantly. Can we trust anything he says? I do believe him, but at the same time, all the dirt we have on Widmore apart from Ben is that he’s not very nice to Desmond. I wonder if Widmore and his daughter Penny want the same thing. Think about it – Penny wants to find Desmond who is on the island and Widmore wants to find the island. Maybe he and Penny will (already are?) work together in their efforts to locate the island. Ben is just a little controlling with Juliet, wouldn’t you say? Did Ben know that Goodwin would be killed when he sent him to look into the plane crash? If so, how? Can he see glimpses of the future? Also, how does Ben communicate with Harper considering he’s been “locked” down by Locke? Was Ben really commuicating with Harper, or did she just make that claim to Juliet? Is she even alive?  Maybe she appeared in the same way that Christian Shepherd has appeared and others like him? What are your thoughts? We also heard the whispers again (yeah, remember them) when Harper appeared. What was that all about? Any theories on what the whispers are, and who they’re coming from?

The next few episodes should be really intresting. We’ll get the complete picture on the Oceanic 6 (does that mean soon after we’ll learn how they got off the island?) and find out what Michael’s been up to since we last saw him. That was a while ago in case you don’t recall – the finale of season 2 in fact. By the way, I still say it was Michael in the coffin from last season’s finale.

There were some great lines in last week’s episode. Juliet commented to Jack, “It’s very stressful being an Other.” And of course the one from Ben at the end when Sawyer and Hurley are wondering what he’s doing walking around: “See you guys at dinner.” This show is great, isn’t it? It has a little bit of everything.

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