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Last night Katie and I saw Wicked while on vacation in Rochester, NY. It was very entertaining; I highly recommend seeing it if you ever get the chance. Afterwards, we got a backstage tour from a friend who is a member of the cast. I definitely went home with a greater appreciation for what goes into a musical of this magnitude. Our friend was in the ensemble, but is also the understudy for Glinda, and will be playing that role in the next three shows. We missed out by one day. How’s that for timing?

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This Sunday evening, in conjuction with the evening worship service at my church, Faith Presbyterian, there will be an art exhibition featuring work from students at the Delaware College of Art & Design as well as from some young adults in our church. Be sure to come and check it out if you’re in the area! The worship service begins at 6:00 pm.

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Yesterday I had the opportunity to take a trip to D.C. as a guest with students from the Delaware College of Art & Design. It was a fantastic experience as I not only got to look at great art, but also got to hear the perspective of those who know a whole lot more about art than I do. I learned more than I have in the past when I’ve gone to museums. It’s amazing what you can learn when you look at art with a group of artists! A new world was opened to me as I was able to appreciate things I would have overlooked on my own.

After spending a few hours at the National Gallery of Art, we went over to the National Building Museum for an exploration in architechture. At the end of the day we hit the Washington Monument, the Korean War Memorial, and the Vietnam War Memorial.

National Gallery of Art

National Building Museum

My favorite exhibiton on display at the National Gallerty of Art was Let the World In by American artist, Robert Rauschenberg. This exhibition included pieces from all periods of Rauschenberg’s work in print media. He’s noted for incorporating the commonplace into varied forms through the integration of newspaper and magazine clippings as well has his own photography. What I liked about Rauschenberg’s printmaking was his celebration of everyday life as he merged daily images into a collage.

Soviet/American Array III

Samarkand Stitches

L.A. Uncovered

What impressed me most throughout the day was how every piece of art tells a story. We are inescapably storied-beings so when we humans create works of art (whether we’re talking about painting, photography, architecture, etc.) we tell some kind of story. The question to ask is, what story is being told?

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