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This video is just weird. There’s no way around that even though the song itself is good. Bruce Cockburn is worth listening to. You should check him out if you don’t know anything about him. Here’s this week’s trivia: What famous band refers to hearing a line from this song on the radio in their own 80’s song? Take some guesses in the comments…


UPDATE: The embedding for this video has been disabled since I posted it, so click on the link below to go to youtube to watch the video:

These guys are cool. C’mon, admit it!

I’ve been very busy lately so I haven’t posted much else besides silly 80’s videos. I hope to get back to posting more regularly in the near future. But until then, here’s this week’s video. Can you say Boy George?

This week’s video is dedicated to my friends in “the land down under” for the summer. I’m not sure if they’re even checking my blog, although it appears that someone from Australia is checking in according to the visitor locations map. I guess we’ll find out for sure via the comments. Let us know if you’re out there. You know who you are. Enjoy the video…

The recent heat wave here in the northeast is making for a cruel summer. With that in mind, here’s this week’s video, which by the way is just plain goofy. The song appears on a great 80s movie, however. Can you guess the movie? Go…

Can you believe I almost forgot it was 80’s Friday Flashback? That would have been a real tragedy had I forgotten. Okay, here’s your hint – “I want my MTV.” Can you guess the song? Time’s up. Here it is…

Be honest now. You know you want to rule the world…

I can’t embed the video, so click here to watch it. Wow, this is scary. Keep a close eye on his dance moves!

The single, “Video Killed the Radio Star” was actually released by the Buggles in 1979. However, it became the first music video to air on television in 1981 so I’m using it for our 80’s flashback. Here’s the video that started it all…

Since today is Friday the 13th I wanted to go with something a little more spooky (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, everything from the 80’s is technically spooky). Unfortunately, I was unable to embed the video so if you want to experience a real thriller, you’ll have to click here. For those of you not into spooky, take on this video. Is this not one of the greatest videos of all time?

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