You’re telling me you’re working for Benjamin Linus.”

You’ve got to love the irony in those words, knowing that Sayid will also find employment in Ben’s operation in the not too distant future. In disgust over Michael’s alliance with Ben, Sayid turns Michael over to Captain Gault, placing him in a perilous situation. We’ve seen that the captain is easily provoked and tends to overreact, so I’m interested to find out how he’ll respond. Post-island Michael is plagued by guilt over killing Anna Lucia and Libby. Throughout the episode he’s tormented by visions of Libby (not Anna Lucia since she’s not under contract with the show!) and attempts to committ suicide a few times. Are the visions a figment of Michael’s imagination, or are they appearances of the island monster off the island? I thought I heard the whispers when Libby appeared in the freighter scene. Michael’s situation reminds me a little of Jack’s from the season finale of last year. Michael is reluctant, but willing to work for Ben since he views it as an opportunity to redeem himself for what he did on the island. The free will/determinism tension figured prominently into this episode as Tom asked Michael why the gun didn’t go off when he tried to kill himself. There is no doubt that this is the underlying philosophical issue the show is wrestling with. Related to this, it seems to me that Ben is always one step ahead, like he knows what the future holds – at least some of the time.

This episode was a reunion of sorts in that we saw the return of a number of characters – Michael, Walt, Libby, Tom, Minkowski, and Naomi. I was very surpised to see Tom again. I thought he was back from the dead until I figured out what was going on with the time-line. As an aside, we now know why Tom told Katie she’s not his type in an early episode last season! We still don’t know exactly how Michael and Walt were rescued, but we do know Michael is living in secrecy under a new name. I’m growing more convinced that it was Michael in the coffin from the finale last season. The name in the newspaper article that Jack cut out in that episode was one we aren’t familiar with, but this fits with it being Michael since he is living under a new name. Also, at this point it doesn’t appear that Michael is destined to live a very long life! The major question raised by the episode evolves around who is behind the Flight 815 cover-up. Is it Charles Widmore or Ben Linus? A similar question applies to who shot down Danielle and Karl. Did Ben set them up, much like he did Goodwin? Or was it members of the freighter since we do know the pilot took the helicopter on another mission? I don’t have any concrete evidence either way, but I lean towards it being Widmore’s people for some reason. Do you think both Rousseau and Karl are dead? I definitely belive Karl is, but I’m not sure about Danielle. We’ll have to wait and see.

One last thing – was the patient next to Michael in the hospital Alvar Hanso?

There’s a lot to talk about over the next few weeks before LOST resumes on April 24th. There’ll be 5 episodes remaining when it does pick up again.  

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