I’ve had a few people ask me a couple of similar questions regarding Tim Keller’s lecture on The Reason for God and my summary of the lecture so I want to clarify and/or respond.

1) When Keller talks about disbelief I think he’s referring to atheism. Agnosticism and atheism would then both fall under the more general category of skepticism.

2) The point about the uniqueness of Christianity is that God has not only written himself into the “play” but has entered the story to acheive salvation. Yes, it is true that other religions have god entering the story, and some even as a human. However, in all other religions the god or religious leader comes to offer advice or instruction on how to get right with god or to find the way of salvation. In Christianity, the gospel (good news) is not advice or some form of instruction. It is good news – an announcment – that God has come in the person of Jesus Christ, not to make salvation possible, not to tell us what to do, but to actually accomplish salvation by rescuing us from slavery and self-destruction. This was the point in Keller’s lecture about the Dorothy Sayers novels. She wrote herself into the novels, not simply to make an appearance, but to save Peter Whimsey.

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