If you are a student at the Delaware College of Art & Design (DCAD) or the University of Delaware (UD), you are welcome to join us for weekly conversations about life and spirituality. The group at DCAD meets on Wednesday evenings at the Residences at Rodney Square on Market Street in Wilmington. The group at UD meets on Thursday afternoons at Panera on Main Street in Newark. For more info about campus conversations see the links under the “link” section of my blog to the left.

About Campus Conversations:
We don’t have many places in our society where we can come together for respectful dialogue about ‘stuff’ that really matters. So the purpose is to give people a place where they can interact with one another about issues of life and spirituality. It’s also a place for people to safely ask difficult questions, get honest answers, and figure out what they believe without any danger of being rejected, regardless of what conclusions they might come to.

The conversation continues…